Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rachel Ray - Pork loin with wine sauce and pasta

I made my first dinner from the Rachel Ray's Look + Cook book. The book is awesome because not only does it give the main part of the dish, it provides you will the whole meal!! Sides and everything :)

The first dish I made was pork tenderloin medallions with marsala sauce & pasta.

It was really yummy!!! I pretty much followed the recipe exactly as written, except I used Pork loins from Costco. If you have bought them before, you know they are really thick!! I pounded them down with a potato masher between to sheets of wax paper! And it worked fine!! It took a little longer to cook, but other than that still great!

I also used a white wine I had in the fridge instead of marsala.

I recommend you give this recipe a try :)

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