Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Ten Link Up

It’s Tuesday!!! Linking up with Miss Mommy again J

(PS: I have a ton of posts I want to add, but I just haven’t had the time to do it! Hopefully I can get them up this week!!)

10 Foods I always have on hand for quick meals
1.      Tuna – I love tuna wraps/pitas! Super easy and yummy. Mix tuna, mayo, mustard, green onions and pickles, put in a wrap or pita and enjoy!
2.      Mushrooms
3.      Naan Bread (from Costco) – Naan bread + Costco garlic spread + mushrooms + feta = delicious
4.      Pasta (and sauce) – If I am ever cooking for just myself, I simply I fry up mushrooms and onions, add pasta sauce and voilla!
5.      Cheese – block or feta
6.      Chicken – You can do anything with chicken
7.      Taco Seasoning
8.      Ground Beef
9.      Lettuce – Romaine, Red lead or good old head of lettuce
10.  Rice

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