Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BBQ Dinner - Wings and Potatoes :)

 These last two nights have been really warm!! As you know we don't have A/C. Luckily our house has been pretty good so far (around 23/24*C), however the last two nights have been much warmer (well only by 2 degrees, but it feels a lot worse!). So of course I turned to the trusty grill!!
BBQ Chicken Wings
I have never made chicken wings on the grill before but these turned out really good, and were really easy!! (Minus the burn on my finger from the sauce). I am pretty much giving directions rather than a recipe!

1. Rinse the wings under cold water and dry them on paper towel
2. Put the wings in a bowl (with a lid) and add sauce - Honey garlic sauce, BBQ sauce and hot sauce (but you can pretty much do whatever you want!)
3. Allow wings to marinate in the fridge for 30 minutes or so
4. Meanwhile heat grill to medium
5. Put wings on the grill for approximately 15 minutes while turning frequently - you can also brush wings with the remaining sauce from the bowl, however I did not do that.
**Note: This is where I burnt my finger!! BE CAREFUL TURNING THE WINGS!!!!! **

Sliced Potatoes
The potatoes are also really easy! I put them on the grill about 45 minutes prior to the wings. I used a mandoline to slice potatoes thin. Put on tinfoil with seasoning and add 2 tbsp butter. I usually slice up onions as well, but I didn't feel like it tonight! Wrap potatoes in tinfoil (I use two sheets - wrap once, then wrap again with the folded parts on the opposite side). With the grill on high, put the potatoes on the top rack. Flip after 30 minutes.
**Note: When you are ready to cook wings, remember to turn the grill to medium!!!

Of course I finished my meal off with a little bowl of fresh strawberries (and a little sugar!!). What a perfect HOT night meal :)

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