Monday, October 31, 2011

Italian Meatballs in a Mushroom Tomato Sauce

The other night I asked Shawn what he wanted for dinner and he said “I want lasagna, but not…something Italian, but not pasta and sauce…” Humm..thanks babe!! I will get right on that!! LOL
I went to the grocery store with NO idea on what to make. I bought ground beef, chicken and an Italian loaf. I got home and put my thinking cap on. I decided I would make meatballs. It would have been nice if I got buns and we could have had meatball sandwiches, but we just had fresh bread slices so we made do. I thought they were amazing!! I made a big pot so I could freeze the extras.
-          2 lb ground beef
-          2 eggs
-          ½ cup parmesan cheese
-          ½ cup crushed up crackers (I used plain old soda crackers)
-          1 package Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix
-          Vegetable Oil
-          2 tbsp butter
-          1 onion, sliced thinly
-          2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms
-          2 cans Hunt's Thick & Rich Spicy Red Pepper & Chilies Premium Pasta Sauce

  1. Mix egg and ground beef together
  2. Add parmesan cheese, crackers and soup mix. Mix well
  3. Make 2 inch meatballs
  4. In a large skillet, put about 1 inch of oil in and put over medium heat
  5. Add meatballs turning them frequently until cooked (about 10 minutes) – place on a plate
  6. Meanwhile, heat butter in a large pot
  7. Add onions and mushrooms – cook for about 5 minutes
  8. Add pasta sauce and cooked meatballs
  9. Simmer for approximately 30 minutes
  10. Serve with fresh bread

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