Saturday, December 31, 2011

Remembering 2011

I love the idea of looking back on the year. I really wish I did this for 2010 since it was an AMAZING year for me. We bought our first house, got married, went on our honeymoon, I finally got a full time position at my job AND we found out we were expecting!! I think it will be really hard to top that!! BUT 2011 came close!! Our little man increased our family by one and it has been such an exciting time! I am going to look back on each month and highlight :) Enjoy!!
A bunch of my girlfriends went to the city to watch Rock of Ages. It was such a great time :) I have an amazing group of friends!

My mother in law celebrated her 50th birthday on groundhog day!! Happy Birthday J!!!! <3

My husband took me on a weekend getaway to Ottawa. It was honestly one of our most favourite trips!! We just hung out and took in a lot of sites. It was so relaxing and a perfect trip for our last one as "non-parents"

My husband FINALLY got a new job!! (He really started on February 28th, but we will just say it happened in March!). His previous job was really hard on our relationship. He literally worked 24-7 and got no appreciation for his hard work. His new job is AMAZING!! I am so happy he took the plunge and found a new "family-friendly" job where he is actually home! AND gets vacation time!!!

April was a pretty low-key month...we were just working on the upstairs to get it finished for the arrival of the little one.

We went to our first Jays game of the season! They lost, but we still had a blast :)

I turned 25 and my belly kept growing!

I also went on a trip to Nova Scotia to visit a good friend of mine and family. I have wanted to go for a long time and this summer was the time for me to go! I had such a good time, what a beautiful province!!
I have always wanted to go whale watching and I finally got a chance to go. We even saw 3 whales :)

A good friend of mine and my mom hosted (one of) my baby showers in my backyard! It was a very hot day, but we made the best of it. We were spoiled and got everything we needed (and more) for the arrival of the little one.

We also went to a friend's wedding, which was located at their family farm. It was a beautiful wedding! Here is a picture of us :)

I was due August 29, but the little man had other plans!! My step-brother got married on August 20th at a beautiful venue. It was very small and intimate. And the food was the best I have ever had at a wedding!! Absolutely amazing. They also had some great wine...actually the only wine I have come to like!

FINALLY!!!! Aiden made his appearance on September 6 at 4:37pm. It was a quick and relatively easy delivery. Not only did I fall in love with this perfect little man, he also made me fall in love all over again with my husband. Shawn has been such an amazing husband and father. I couldn't ask for a better family. I love you <3

We took Aiden to his first Jays game when he was only 12 days old! We went with a few of our friends and meet my step-sister there. Aiden got to meet his Auntie K for the first time (on her birthday!!)

We also took him to a our friend's wedding when he was 18 days old!

My mother in law and sister in law hosted another baby shower for us! Again we got spoiled!!! Thanks to everyone who came :)
Shawn and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on October 16th. It was our first day away from Aiden. My mom watched him for about 6 hours as we went out and purchased new couches for our living room and enjoyed a delicious meal together at a small restaurant just outside of our town. It was nice to get away, but I did miss the little man! (Aiden also started smiling on our anniversary!)
Cheers to many more anniversaries babe :)

Another amazing man in life (my step-dad) turned 50! My mom hosted a 60's themed party for him.

It was also Aiden's first Halloween!! So of course I had to do a mini photo shoot with him :) Here is one picture from it!

Shawn put a float in our town's Santa Clause parade, so Aiden and I got to ride along in the tractor! We had so much fun!

We also got our first official family pictures!

Aiden rolled over!!! He also used his exercauser and Jolly Jumper for the first time!! We enjoyed our first Christmas with the little man! We were crazy busy but we made sure to take in every second.

So as I sit here with my husband watching movies, drinking that wine from my step-brother's wedding and eating M&M meats Oriental pack (the first time ever we have stayed home alone for New Year's Eve!) I wish you nothing but the best for 2012!! Happy New Year :)