Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Starting the BLW Journey...

If you missed the explanation of BLW check it out here. Remember...I will not judge you, so please do not judge us for our feeding practices :)

First time in the highchair
Day 1:
We officially started the process of BLW over the weekend. Sunday was the first day (he is about 5.5 months). We offered Aiden a piece of pear, a piece of peach and a slice of pancake at breakfast. Since this was his first tastes of food other than breastmilk (or a bit of formula), his facial expressions were pretty funny. He wasn't quite sure what to make of it. He hardly kept the food in his mouth, but this part is all about introducing him to different tastes and textures. He sat in his highchair for 10 minutes or so and then started to get fussy, so we decided to stop for the day, and try again Monday morning.

Tasting the pear.
Day 2:
We only did breakfast again. We offered him a slice of pear, peach and orange. It was pretty much the same as Sunday. He just made funny faces and didn't keep the food in his mouth for long. He started to get fussy so we took him out of the bumbo and called it a day!

Trying to get the orange in his mouth!

Day 3:
Breakfast again (and it was my first time alone as my husband was at work). I added a banana this time but I found it got really slippery so he couldn't really pick it up very well. BUT we made more progress! Aiden really enjoyed the pear and orange. He kept the pear in his mouth for a long time. A piece actually broke off and I was very nervous. I had to keep reminding myself to trust him. He will figure it out. I really wanted to put my fingers in his mouth and take the piece out, but I stopped myself... And he DID figure it out. He spit the pear out and moved on to the orange without any gagging.

Happy to try more food!

He loved the pear!!
Day 4:
We were a little rushed this morning. I feel asleep and we only had about 15 minutes to get ready for swimming. I gave him a piece of peach and an orange as I ate my breakfast. It was pretty similar to yesterday. He really enjoyed the food and sucked on the pieces. Once he dropped them, I quickly cleaned him up and we were out the door! I am hoping to give him some baked sweet potato tonight :)

- I am happy that our pediatrician is on board with BLW! The concept was new to her, but I explained it and she is doing more research, but liked the idea :)
- Sunday morning I cut up the pear and peach and put the pieces in a container and just took the pieces out every morning. We finished it up this morning, so tomorrow we will try something new!
- He hasn't gagged and I am dreading the day he does, but I know it is a natural thing and will happen eventually.

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