Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Introducing meat

We have been doing BLW for just over a week. Aiden has made some great progress! He is actually swallowing bits of food and has tried fruits, vegetables, bread and we have now moved onto meat (beef, pulled pork and chicken Parmesan).

So far he has only really gagged on banana. I think it is a little mushy for him and easily slides to the back of his throat (but I will keep offering it to him). He has done great though! One cough and it moves back to the front of his mouth where he either chews a little more or spits it out. I am really impressed with him...and myself! I think the reason I have been so relaxed is that I see my friend's daughter (who is almost 1) eat all the time, and her little coughs have somewhat prepared me for when Aiden gags. I am so happy with our choice to do BLW and I am very thankfully that my friend introduced me to it.

I started with only giving him breakfast, we then moved to dinner. But now he wants to eat whenever I am, so I just offer him whatever I have. I think he might be like his mom and love food!!! :)

Monday we made steak with mushrooms and potatoes. Aiden did an awesome job with the steak! He ate a bit of the mushrooms and potatoes, but he was really interested in the steak and wouldn't put it down! (I even got a cute video of him)

Tuesday we had pulled pork, rice and asparagus. Again he wasn't interested in anything but the pulled pork! (I think we might have a carnivore on our hands!)

Tonight we had chicken Parmesan with noodles. Honestly he wasn't really interested in it at all. He would put it in his mouth and push it out again. He was getting a little fussy so I offered him a mummum cookie. Not the healthiest choice, but at least he was eating something while we had dinner.

Tomorrow morning I think we might try scrambled eggs :)

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