Monday, March 26, 2012

Beef Nachos

Shawn made us dinner Saturday night. He went to the grocery store, bought all the ingredients, came home and made it all by himself...without asking me any questions. This is huge for him! He knows how to cook. If I am not home he can whip up a good dinner and serve it to me when I get home (he has made mac and cheese, one pan taco dish, glazed carrots, chicken wings...just to name a few). BUT if I am home, it's a whole other story! He asks me a million questions! I always make fun of him for this, but I think he just wants the reassurance that he is doing it right. And he always does :) I do have a pretty good husband!!! <3

Anyways over the weekend we had an appetizer night. He made beef nachos and they were really yummy! Can you believe we ate the whole tray...just the two of us!!!

All you have to do is fry up some ground beef and add in taco seasoning. Put some nachos on a cookie sheet. Top with beef, green onions and cheese (he used the Kraft Habanero Heat) and broil until cheese is melted and nachos are crisp. Serve with sour cream and salsa. Ohhhh I love nachos!!!! They are defiantly my weakness :)


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