Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day :)

These past 8 months have been amazing!! Obviously there has been some hard times, but the good definitely outweighs the bad!! The first 3 months were probably the hardest. Aiden is very attached to me...he wanted to be in my arms all day long!! I am sure I am going to miss those days when he is older and wants nothing to do with me, but at the time it was hard for me. I like to keep my house relatively clean, and obviously I like to cook. This was VERY hard with an infant in my arms! After 3 months though, he became a little more independent each day. He still loves to be held, but he can also entertain himself a bit - playing, exercauser, jolly jumper, even just hanging out in his crib for a bit after he wakes up!! Which was HUGE progress! Every day from 3 months on, he was changing. Rolling over, laughing, enjoying his carseat, eating, getting teeth (he now has 3!), belly crawling (ALL over the place...and I love it!), sitting up, babbling like crazy! I have said for awhile I think these will be the moments I miss the most - the fact that he still loves being cuddled up in my arms, or in my wrap, but also that he likes his alone time as well. As much as I hate night time feedings, I secretly love them :) I get to sit in my glider nursing and cuddling with my little man, enjoying every second that he wants to be in my arms. I love that he wraps his little feet and arms around me, and plays with my hair. He is absolute perfect <3

My Mother's Day was exactly the way it should be! Our little family spent the whole day together <3
First off, Shawn let me sleep in!! Now, this usually happens every weekend, but it felt extra special yesterday! When I (finally) woke up Shawn handed me my first Mother's Day card and got me a very thoughtful gift. He got two lilac bushes so we can start a garden at the front of our house. He says it is a "gift that keeps on giving" which is so true! Every year they will bloom and I can remember they are a symbol of our family. Apparently Shawn reads my blog!! He corrected me on this, so I have to add something to keep the husband happy! *I* think it keeps on giving because of them blooming every year, but *HE* says they will keep on giving because every year he can get me something to add to our garden :-) (Happy babe!)

After we got mobile we headed out the door. We had my favourite breakfast of all time...McDonald's!!!! Then we made our way to little green house where we bought some more flowers for the front of our house. When we got home I planted them in our urns and in a rock that Shawn got me for my birthday a couple years ago.

Planters in the urn! I've only ever planted a veggie garden, so hopefully I don't kill them!

The planter rock that Shawn made me for my birthday a couple years ago!
We then headed to my moms for a late BBQ lunch with my family. It was so nice to sit outside on a beautiful day and enjoy the company of my family. Both my brothers came and my grandma. My mom is the most amazing woman in the world! She is my best rock. I hope I can be the mother that she is, I have a great role model!

My Mom walking me down the aisle <3
After our lunch we headed to baseball. Unfortunately we lost the game, but we got to spend some time with our friends and my in laws. Shawn and I came home, cuddled on the couch and I wanted the finale of Survivor!! All in all a perfect day <3

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